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Sadhan Portfolio Monthly Update: April 2021

Here comes the monthly update on #SadhanPortfolio for April 2021. We had seen good returns, thanks to few cyclicals in the portfolio.I have added 3 NEW stocks in the portfolio:

  1. SAIL (Riding the Steel Cycle, Steel manufacturing with Fully Owned Mines)
  2. JSW Steel(Riding the Steel Cycle, Steel manufacturing with 51% ore supply from owned Mines, Attractive product mix, Good Promoter )
  3. Borosil Renewables ( Watch the video to know the rationale)

I have kept my erstwhile portfolio unchanged meaning “No Selling” in April 2021.

My average Holding period is 144 days (~5 months) in which I generated 48% Absolute Return. During the same period NIFTY have moved from 13109 to 14630 that means 16% absolute return. So #SadhanPortfolio have beaten the market by 32% in past 5 months.I have improved my performance from 92% IRR to 123% IRR.

You can find further details below

I have added Bajaj Finance performance in the portfolio post my video here

The Main driver of the return have been 3 sectors deppicted below:

Just to elaborate on Metals performance you can seen the below pic:

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